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100+ Ways To Eat Pierogi

Our list of "how to eat pierogi" has reached over 100 and growing!  With the help of so many people, our list of a 100 different ways to prepare pierogi is enjoyed worldwide, so you never run out of pierogi recipes. Check out the variety of pierogi toppings, pierogi sauces, and countless pierogi recipes including pierogi appetizers, pierogi casseroles, and pierogi dinner dishes the whole family can enjoy.  Post your pierogi recipe below.  Let's keep this pierogi list going!  Also, learn how we make our pierogi here, or buy pierogi online.

100 Ways To Eat Pierogi

  1. Boiled Pierogi topped with caramelized onion ways to eat pierogi

  2. Boiled Pierogi topped with caramelized onion in butter & paprika sour cream 

  3. Boiled & pan-fried Pierogi topped with onion, sage, and jalapeno

  4. Boiled Pierogi topped with caramelized onion and Polish sausage

  5. Boiled Pierogi topped with caramelized onions, finely chopped bacon, and garlic

  6. Pierogi dipped in honey mustard or Dijon mustard

  7. Pierogi dipped in Greek yogurt

  8. Pierogi & Salmon Skillet with onions, capers, lemon, dill, and garlic 

  9. Pierogi dipped in ranch dressing

  10. Boiled and flash fried in hot avocado oil

  11. Sauerkraut Pierogi covered with apple sauce

  12. Pierogi smothered with melted butter

    Salmon Pierogi Recipe
  13. Pierogi smothered with butter and chives

  14. Whole Wheat Pierogi dipped in sour cream & hot sauce

  15. Pierogi dipped in sour cream & chopped green onions

  16. Veggie Pierogi Frittata with asparagus and garlic

  17. Sauté pierogi in butter, top with chili, cheese, sour cream & habanero sauce

  18. Sauté pierogi in butter, top with steamed broccoli & melted cheese 

  19. Sauté pierogi in sesame oil with kale, fresh garlic, red bell pepper, and sesame seeds 

  20. Roasted Eggplant & Tomatoes Pierogi

  21. Sauté pierogi in olive oil with onion, kale, fresh garlic, lemon, and oregano 

  22. Pierogi topped with whole milk yogurt, garlic, sugar, & herb sauce

  23. Pierogi with fresh roasted tomatoes and garlic

  24. Pierogi topped with sour cream & fresh salsa: chopped onion, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro, lime

  25. Pierogi tossed with garlicky string beans, onion, bell peppers, & bacon

  26. Pierogi casserole dish

    Pierogi tossed with fried mushroom, bacon, & onion

  27. Pierogi tossed with onions, peppers, and chicken sausage

  28. Baked Pierogi Casserole with bacon, tomato, & cheese

  29. Deep fried Pierogi with Sour Cream, Garlic, Chives

  30. Sautéed Pierogi with Sour Cream, Fresh Basil, & Green Onion 

  31. Pierogi topped with Marinara Sauce & Ground Buffalo

  32. Pierogi topped with a Ground Beef Marinara Sauce

  33. Pierogi topped with an Alfredo Sauce

  34. Pierogi topped with Pesto Sauce

    Bacon wrapped pierogi recipe
  35. Savory Beef Pierogi topped with a Mushroom Sauce

  36. Pierogi topped with a Bearnaise sauce

  37. Heck, some eat them with jelly or jam

  38. Pierogi Appetizer Wrapped in Bacon

  39. Cold or Hot Cooked Pierogi topped with mango salsa

  40. Cold or Hot Cooked Pierogi with Honey Dijon Mustard over bed of lettuce 

  41. Pierogi crostini topped with mushrooms, scallions, and spicy fresh salsa

  42. Cooked and chilled pierogi served over a salad

  43. Pierogi topped with ketchup

  44. Fried pierogi with melted cheddar cheese on top

  45. Fried pierogi with cream cheese and chives

  46. Fried pierogi with cream cheese, lox, thinly slices onions, and capers

  47. Fried pierogi topped with whitefish, sable, lox lettuce, tomato, red onion, Swiss cheese, cucumbers, and capers

  48. Fried Pierogi with Crab Spread (cream cheese, crab meat, lemon juice, green onions, and milk)

  49. Pizza Pierogi:  Potato Cheese Pierogi with pizza sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni

  50. Fried Pierogi with melted mozzarella, caramelized onions, and sautéed mushrooms

  51. Pretty much anything that you like over a potato skin!

  52. Potato Cheese Pierogi with brie, stilton, or grated mature Cheddar

  53. Potato Cheese Pierogi with Greek yogurt, coriander, diced cucumber, and red onion

  54. Potato Cheese pierogi with caviar

  55. Breaded and Pan-Fried PierogiBreaded Pierogi

  56. Potato Cheese pierogi topped with a green curry sauce

  57. Potato Cheese pierogi topped with tuna salad

  58. Pierogi topped with Corned Beef and horseradish

  59. Spinach or Potato also works well for breakfast: top with tomato, egg over easy, and chives

  60. Potato or Spinach Pierogi topped with prawn mayonnaise

  61. Pierogi topped with chili con carne

  62. Pierogi with cheddar cheese and baked beans 

  63. Pierogi with yellow & red caramalized onions and peas (Abby Bean, "A Soy Bean" Pierogi Recipe, Food Editor

  64. Boil pierogi and top with gravy: sautéed onion in oil, add mushrooms, 1/4 c white wine, paprika, 1 cup chicken broth, salt, pepper, garlic, and cook with flour till thickened.   Stir in sour cream, pour over cooked pierogi. (From Mrs. Wojnowicz)

  65. Pierogi with Tarragon Mushroom Sauce.  Cook Pierogi.  Sauté onions and mushrooms in oil.  Add dry vermouth or white wine and deglaze with 1 can Cream of Mushroom soup, 1 can Cream of Chicken Soup, 1.25 cups milk, 1/4 tsp pepper, and 1/2 tsp tarragon (or dill).  Pour over pierogi, steamed veggies, and chicken for a complete meal.   (From Kristin K Noll-Marsh) 

  66. We top ours with "sauce": Organic corn soup, heated & reduced with added organic corn kernels, a dash of cumin and julienne fresh basil garnish.

  67. Cook pierogi, and then sauté with sliced chicken breast, honey, and Dijon mustard. (From Jessi)

  68. My grandmother in McAdoo, PA: population 1000, used to make breakfast pierogi stuffed with dried prunes (not a big fan of those). Being a California boy, from the Valley of the Heart's Delite, I mixed it up a bit and substituted in fresh strawberries and apricots. Sauté in sweet butter. Top with a dust of powdered sugar, whipped cream, and crushed walnuts. You will never want bacon and eggs again. (From Nick Stefanisko)

  69. Boil pierogi, then top with a mixture of soy sauce and cream.  (From Dion McIntyre)

  70. Corn soup pierogi!  Use left-over pierogi with fried onion.  Cut up in chunks. Add diced ham, corn, red pepper to pot with chicken broth. Simmer 20 minutes, add fresh dill.  Best soup I ever made from left-overs in my fridge.  (From Yolande Bruneau)

  71. I love to mix seafood with my pierogi. Mussels with butter garlic sauce sautéed with pre boiled pierogi along with shrimp.  I prefer to add a little white wine and the more butter the better.  Extra garlic and old bay seasoning works well. (From Mark Martinez)

  72. I bake my pierogi with Buffalo wing sauce. (From Ashley)

  73. Top with caramelized onion, diced pickle, banana peppers, and horseradish  (From Isabela)

  74. We fry pierogi with onions and bacon and serve with sour cream and cabbage rolls. (From Valerie Bauer)

  75. Pierogies with Ground Beef Hash. Brown 1/2 lb. of ground beef in large skilled with butter and garlic, one chopped onion, 1/4 cup diced green peppers, 1 tsp onion soup mix, salt, and pepper.  Simmer until soft.  Add pre boiled pierogi.  Cover and simmer, turning with spatula so they don't stick to pan, and slowly brown.  Serve with sour cream.  (From Dories Tripper)  

  76. Boil and then fry pierogi, then sprinkle vinegar and salt on top and dip in sour cream.  (From Andy)

  77. My grandmother mixed her cooked pierogi's with approx 3 tbs of browned butter and one can of evaporated milk. This sauce sounds yucky, but we are 3 generations into this recipe and it is awesome. (Marlene)

  78. Pierogi with nacho toppings: seasoned beef or chicken, sour cream, shredded cheese, salsa, and black olives. (Theresa Rabbits)  

  79. Cut up pork chops into small chunks and fry them with the onions until the onions were soft.  Boil the pierogies for 3-5 mins.  Layer pork chops, onions, one can of cream of chicken soup, pierogi, and grated cheese in a dish and bake for 40-45 mins until cheese melts through and you get a nice brown color on top. If your top doesn't brown you can put it on broil for few mins.  This is delicious.  (Rae Knight)

  80. Boil frozen pierogi and remove with a slotted spoon.  Sauté butter in pan, add pierogi, then sprinkle onion powder on each side until they brown.  Serve with sour cream.  (Karen Sutton) 

  81. Pierogie topped with brown sugar! So delicious!  When I don't have time to boil them, I pan fry them with oil and then top with brown sugar. So good and very easy.  I'm currently eating the potato and onion ones. Mmmm. (Peter)

  82. I love pierogies with just salsa and sour cream!  (Annette Eichler)

  83. With Russian, Polish and German grandparents, the only accepted way to eat  pierogi was to sauté them in butter and brown sugar.  (MJ Ehle)

  84. Cabbage Mushroom Pierogi with dry sparkling wine.  (Julia Hollister, SF Wine Examiner)

  85. Potato & cheese pierogies topped with tzatziki!  (Marilyn Kushner)

  86. Boil pierogie, then sauté with caramelized onions in butter; serve with applesauce, we don't eat sour cream anymore. (Mitchell Sackson)

  87. Our family's tradition at Wigilia is to pour BURNT butter over our pierogis. We look forward to indulging in the pierogi this way ever year! (Lynn Berti)

  88. After cooking pierogi in boiling water till they float to the top, drain.  In fry pan melt several tablespoons of butter. Add 1/4 cup or more crushed cracker crumbs or bread crumbs, then add pierogi to be coated.  Yum, yum.  (Lucille Hogan)

  89. Vegan Pierogi Option: Cabbage, Mushroom, Sauerkraut Pierogi with a white bean alfredo sauce.  (Recipe @ Vegan Miam, food editor)

  90. Pierogi with sauteed garlic and onions in a chicken broth (Recipe @ Catherine, Living The Gourmet, Food Editor)

  91. Boiled and topped with melted butter, nooch (aka nutritional yeast!), garlic, and pepper once they were done boiling!  (Recipe @ Alex at
  92. For the rest, see the comments below!  Keep this list going by sending us your pierogi topping ideas and recipes to post here!  Learn how we make our pierogi here, or buy pierogi online.


#91 Pierogi and...

Pierogi and sauerkraut on a frying pan.

Pierogi with smoked sausage

I do that as well. Sometimes I add seared smoked sausage, onions and apples to it, as well.

Pierogi and...


Yes, what else? Pierogi and

Yes, what else? Pierogi and beer!

How about pierogi stuffed

How about pierogi stuffed with plums, strawberries, or blueberries dusted with a little bit of confection surgar or sweet cream, mixed with cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg and sugar:-) Mniam...a lovely childhood desert.

pierogi sausage alfredo casserole

In a 9 x 13 dish mix cut up smoked sausage and frozen pierogies and 1 (26oz) jar of alfredo sauce and bake on 400 degees for 30 to 45 minutes. This tastes amazing and it even more awesome over rice. It fills the heart and warms the soul. Good eats for any weather but especially cold days. I added a little bit of fresh garlic in the casserole and it was amazing. After I pulled the dish out I sprinkled a little pinch of salt and pepper and voila:-) enjoy

This was AWESOME!!!!

This was AWESOME!!!!

Pan fried kraut pierogi

Pan fried kraut pierogi topped with shredded corned beef and swiss cheese. Placed on a sheet pan and broil until cheese melts.

'Spanish' Pierogies

Boil or fry pierogies according to directions. Top like a taco salad: favorite salsa, guacamole, shredded cheese, sour cream. OMG!! :)

Deep Fried with Curry

boil them for a bit if previously frozen. (I normally stock pile). poke a hole or 2 into each pierogi then toss them in the deep fryer until golden brown. remove from oil. let cool for a bit.  Place pierogies on to a cookie sheet/ baking tray and cover with copious amounts of cheese (I'm fond of old cheddar) spice as desired (I generally go with paprika, nutmeg, curry and cayenne pepper). stick the whole mess under a broiler. Once bubbling to your liking enjoy just my way of twisting a standard.

Glad that you shared that to

Glad that you shared that to us too. That really sounds so cool and awesome on how to eat pierogi. thanks, Anita

Nacho Regular Peirogi

Boil Peirogi and top as if you were going to top nacho. Taco seasoned Ground beef, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and any other nacho topping you'll like to top you Pierogi with.

pierogi ideas

French onion soup powder mixed in sour cream left in fridge over night then the next day serve with deep fried perogies or butter pan fried perogies.

Pierogi with the family

Hey - what did you expect?

So True!

You hit on the nail Misiu!  Pierogi shall always be enjoyed with family and friends.

Najlepsze pierogi... i tak pierogi ruskie, ze świeżo usmażonymi, chrupiącymi skwarkami. Wszystko przygotowane na piecu. ;) Regards :) :) :)

Another way to eat pierogi

Deep fried pierogi stuffed with homemade chicken sausage, tossed in wing sauce, and served with blue cheese dressing. Yummm..... Sauteed pierogi stuffed with short ribs braised with celery carrot, onion and red wine, served with a sour cream and horseradish style mustard for dipping.

#105 Canadian style - boil pan fry

Canadian style - boil pan fry bacon green onion and yes Maple Syrup sooo good

#106 Boiled meat pierogi served

Boiled meat pierogi served with mustard and white wine vinegar tip: best way to eat it is smear mustard on plate with your fork and drizzle vinegar over to taste... we like dipping ours into a pretty much equal parts each!


Wow, never heard of that recipe before, what a great way to enjoy our Beef & Pork Pierogi!

#107 My favorite!

Fried up with an egg!

Potato and onion Perogi

Boiled, while boiling heat skillet... add choice fat (butter, Earth Balance, sunflower oil, or light Olive oil..etc), toss in some yellow or vidalia onion, can also add any of the following cut up fresh jalapeno,red bell pepper...etc. as the perogi heat through remove from water and toss in the fry pan...sautee til nice and golden (on occasion I will carmalize the onion with brown sugar) then serve up with a horse radish sour cream sauce. Scrumptious

Shredded Chicken with Gravy

Shredded Chicken with chicken gravy and peas over top of pierogies

My Favorite Perogi...

Keeping it simple... potato & onion or potato & cheese perogi, oven baked then dipped in worcestershire sauce and pork gravy. Delish!

greatest pierogi recipe

These recipes are good. They'll upload to my site, thank you very much for sharing.

perogi w/sausage gravy

Boil then pan fry perogi. Cover w/sausage gravy.

Soy sauce on boiled pierogi

Soy sauce on boiled pierogi

This sounds kinda weird with

This sounds kinda weird with soy sauce but wat ever I would like to try new things

These sound delish

I would serve it with caramelized onions, pan-fried brussel sprouts, sun dried tomatos and a light ranch dressing. 

lazy perogie





Perogies, bacon bits, and onions boiled in the microwave with butter

Perogi with Hot German Potato Salad Sauce

My heritage is German: Cook Pierogi per your preferred method and then dress them with your favorite hot German Potato salad dressing (i.e. crumbled crisp bacon, bacon grease, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, fresh parsley). I cook a lot of large meals for our parish which has many Polish members. I tell them I'm giving my German and Danish versions along with traditional Polish recipes. I usually serve with Kielbasa and Kapusta. My Kapusta - drain the sauerkraut and rinse, replace the sauerkraut juice with apple juice, sauteed onions, diced apple, and Caraway seeds - bake until diced apple is soft. My wife is Italian. After reading these different styles of serving Pierogi I may try the family spaghetti sauce with Italian Sausage. Sort of like an over sized Ravioli or Gnochi.

Ran outta sour cream so I'm

Ran outta sour cream so I'm actually just dipping them in a sotra sweet and sour / plum sauce mix , not bad :) And a few days ago I tried for the first time dessert perogies! They were filled with a delicious cherry sauce, but I'm sure you can get other kinds, and covered with sour cream :) Lastly, my Ukrainian family often makes the traditional potato ones pan tossed in onions and bacon with sour cream!



Mashed avocado

Top with mashed avocado. All the creaminess of sour cream but without the cholesterol! And full of flavor. Use guacamole if you prefer.

Cinnamon Perogi's

Boil water with sea salt. Place 10 frozen perogi's in the pot for 7 minutes. get a medium skillet and heat up canola oil on medium heat, take perogi's out of the pot place them on the skillet, while cooking add sea salt, garlic plus seasoning, cajun, and last but not least a touch of cinnamon, adding pepper is optional.

Love it!

Love it!

Pierogis waffle!Served with

Pierogis waffle! Served with garlic yogurt, caramelized onions, green onions and fried sage, awesome!

Anything with sage is soo

Anything with sage is soo good.  Thanks for this one!

Use Your Charcoal Grill

Put them on a BBQ Grill. Great flavor. Add a variety of dipping option. BBQ, Hot Pepper, Mango Salsa, etc.

Pierogi toppings

I always top them with brown butter, sauted onions, crispy bacon, sour cream and grated sharp cheddar cheese! Try it. It's soooo good!

Saute pierogies in butter of

Saute pierogies in butter of course, along with onion, diced pepper (green, red & yellow kept in the freezer that go with all my fried potatoes)& sausage of some sort. Instead of sour cream I have substituted with cottage cheese. All this goes into a hot cast iron skillet naturally, except for the cottage cheese. I will have beets with them as well. My family does not dig this meal as much as I do.

I have a secret family recipe

I have a secret family recipe for buffalo chicken style. YOU WILL NEVER GET IT!

sausage and pierogies

i take bulk sausage and brown it in a little oil...add chopped onions and saute till soft...add frozen pieogies and simmer until hot ...put in a couple of pats of butter to finish...delish!

Fish & perogie chips

Deep fry perogies, serve with deep-fried cod filets with malt vinegar and tartar sauce.

Pierogi Fillings

I made Lime Chilli Chicken, real simple just brown some chicken (a handful of diced chicken breast) with the zest of one lime, add chopped chilli (i used 3-4 birdseye's) without the seeds, and juice of whole lime, add a teaspoon of sugar. Cook for 20 minutes, cool and fill pierogi's. boil and enjoy with cold beer and salad :)

Balsamic glaze perogie

Blanched then pan seared in carmilized onion, add diced tomatoes, garlic powder oregano salt and pepper reduce. Serve disks with balsamic reduction (balsamic vinegar boiled down with brown sugar) and a scoop of sour cream (opional)

My grandparents were 100%

My grandparents were 100% Slovak and my Bubba's secret perogie toppings were sautéed butter to the point it's almost burnt and topped with sugar. Boil the perogies. Sauté butter in separate pan to the point it's almost burnt. Put finished perogies in a bowl pour sautéed butter on them then sprinkle with sugar. There is a certain sweet smell to the butter that lets you know it's ready. When I was a child I would smell that I knew what was for dinner. My ultimate comfort food as an adult now. I could probably eat 20 lol

My grandma would make

My grandma would make pierogis with freshly picked blueberries. They never made it past boiling. We ate them with lots of butter!

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