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Top Polish Thanksgiving Recipes

Polish Thanksgiving RecipesIf you are looking for the top Polish Thanksgiving recipes, this is the page to bookmark. Even though the Poles do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Poland, there are many Polonians who have immigrated from Poland to the United States and continue to celebrate this incredible holiday with all the trimmings. In fact, the Poles have lived in the United States for over 400 years, since 1608, as early as the Vikings!



Polish Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Polish Pumpkin Soup RecipePumpkin soup is hearty and the perfect dish for any holiday, such as Thanksgiving!  Even though Pumpkin came from the Americas to Europe, Poles still have their own version of pumpkin soup that is enjoyed today in Poland. The biggest difference in American pumpkin soup versions is that it is not nearly as sweet but more savory (and probably healthier).

Chilled Beet Soup (Chłodnik z botwinki)

Cold Beet SoupWhen people think of beet soup, they usually imagine hot Borscht (Barszcz) made with red beetroots. However, this beet soup recipe is perfect for the summer since it is served cold.  And, you don't just use the beets, but their leaves and stalks in the soup--giving it a powerful nutritious punch.

Hungarian Lecso (Leczo) Recipe

Hungarian Lecso (Leczo) RecipeAlthough Leczo is originally a Hungarian dish, Leszo is so popular in Poland that we felt it deserved a place in our List of Polish Recipes.  Enjoy with a warm slice of bread!

Breaded Pan-Fried Pierogi Recipe

pan fried pierogi recipeIf you are looking for a pierogi recipe that tastes absolutely amazing and can be served as an appetizer, for dinner, or on any buffet table, check out this Breaded Pierogi Recipe. Tomek created this recipe as he was thinking about Krokiety (Polish croquettes).  You can call these Krokiety Pierogi!

Why Polish Food & Pierogi are Capturing American Palates

Polish cuisine signDue to American's growing interest in Polish cuisine, Gourmet News, a business newspaper for the gourmet industry, interviewed Tomasz Piszczek, the founder of Polska Foods, and wrote an interesting article about how and why Polish food is transforming in America and abroad, and why people want to buy pierogi with a new twist.

Pierogi Souffle Recipe

Pierogi recipeIf you are looking for an easy Polish pierogi recipe that tastes absolutely amazing and can be served for brunch, dinner, or on any  buffet table, check out this Pierogi Souffle Recipe.

Facts & History About Pierogi

Pierogi Facts & Pierogi HistoryDid you know that Pierogi have been around since the 13th century? Today it's Poland's National Dish and 30,000 were eaten at the last festival in Kraków. Click to learn about some fun pierogi facts and pierogi history!

Polish Beet Horseradish Sauce - Ćwikła

Polish Beet Horseradish Recipe

Try this Polish Beet Horseradish recipe as a sauce or relish with your favorite cooked meats such as baked ham or kielbasa. Gives lots of color and flavor to any meat dish. Add a side plate of pierogies for a complete Polish meal.

Polish Lentil Soup Recipe

Polish Lentil Soup RecipeToday in Poland, the Poles love lentils in a variety of dishes, from pierogi to soup.  Here is a Polish lentil soup recipe that tastes amazing with a good smocked ham hock, but you can leave it out and make the soup vegetarian if you chose.  This soup recipe is a wonderful hearty meal that can be enjoyed for several days.