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Farmers Cheese Spread Recipe

farmers cheese recipeFarmer's cheese is notorious in Polish recipes. It is a healthier cheese than most since it is typically made the old-fashioned way, by culturing milk. Some would consider it similar to a dry cottage cheese. Here is a great farmers cheese Polish recipe with veggies. Great snack or for breakfast on whole wheat toast.

Polish Potato Salad Recipe (Salatka Jarzynowa)

Polish Potato SaladPolish Potato Salad is actually more directly known as Polish "Vegetable" salad, mainly because potatoes are only 1/4 of the ingredients.  The added steamed carrots, parsley roots, and onion brings out a more complex flavor than your typical potato salad recipe. 

Polish Chocolate Almond Cake Recipe

Polish Cake RecipeTry this Polish Chocolate Almond cake recipe that is low in sugar and happens to be gluten free for those who are sensitive. Perfect year round, and top with Polish vodka inflused whippped cream.

Polish Leek Salad Recipe

Polish Leek Salad RecipeThe Poles have some surprisingly fresh recipes for a summer BBQ or a hot summer day like this Polish Leek Salad recipe.  Find some fresh organic leeks from your local farmer's market and some fresh, tart apples to make this Polish recipe burst with texture and flavor.

Polska Foods Announces New Flavor: Savory Beef & Pork Pierogi

beef pierogiNew pierogi flavor!  Foodies can now enjoy tender beef round sautéed with sweet caramelized onions, meaty crimini mushrooms, earthy roasted garlic, peppers, and smoky paprika in a delicate organic pierogi shell.  Our all-natural Beef & Pork Pierogi is made with tender beef round and pork from animals that are raised on a vegetarian diet and never given antibiotics, growth enhancers, or animal by-products.

White Borscht Soup Recipe (Zurek)

Zurek recipeHere we feature a popular Polish soup recipe usually made during Easter, called Zurek, although it is enjoyed year round.  What makes zurek (pronounced "zhurek") so exotic is that zakwas is used for the soup base.   Zakwas is made from fermenting rye flour and water.   In fact, the name “zurek” traditionally refers to the soup made with a sour rye starter.  This is an easy recipe, but the rye starter takes a 3-4 days to make, so if serving for Easter, give yourself a week to plan it out.

Banana & Chocolate Crepe Recipe (Nalesniki z bananami)

Sweet Polish Crepe NalesnikiIn this Polish dessert crepe recipe, called nalesniki, the caramelized bananas with rum are sure to impress any guest.  Top with the warm chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and serve with vanilla bean ice cream.  

Sweet Cheese & Fruit Crepe Recipe (Nalesniki z serem i owocami)

Nalesniki with Sweet CheeseIn this Polish dessert crepe recipe called nalesniki, you can prepare the sweet farmer's cheese filling and then mix it with fresh fruit or jam.  Or, follow a fresh berry sauce recipe as a warm topping with whipped cream.  Bananas, blueberries, or any fruit go well with this Polish recipe, making it a light dessert or breakfast treat.

Spinach, Mushroom, & Cheese Crepe Recipe (Nalesniki ze szpinakiem, serem i Grzybami)

Spinach Cheese NalesnikiIn this Spinach & Cheese crepe recipe, you can make it with regular flour or whole wheat.  These nalesniki are great for dinner or breakfast and freeze well.  You can add bacon if you would like the added flavor, or simply keep it vegetarian.  For the sauce, you can make it simple by just topping with sour cream.

Chicken, Mushroom, & Cheese Crepe Recipe (Nalesniki z Kurczakiem i Grzybami)

Nalesniki Recipe -- Polish Crepes RecipeIn Poland, crepes, called nalesniki, are very popular and enjoyed with both sweet and savory fillings.   Nalesniki are thin rounds of cooked batter made from eggs and flour.  In this Chicken & Mushroom crepe recipe, you can make it with regular flour or whole wheat, we offered both options.  These make a great dinner and freeze well!