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Ham & Cheese Crepe Recipe (Nalesniki z Szynka i Serem)

Ham & Cheese NalesnikiEnjoy this ham and cheese crepe, called Nalesniki.  Nalesniki are thin rounds of cooked batter made from eggs and flour.  We fill these with ham, mushrooms, and Gruyere cheese.  Top with a sauce and bake, and you have savory meal!

Polish Fish Soup Recipe (Zupa rybna)

Polish fish soupPolish Fish Soup (Zupa rybna) is traditionally made with the whole fish--the skin, head, and all.  Instead, we decided to use filets to make it a bit easier to make.  You can use cod, salmon, tilapia, or any fish for this fish soup recipe.


Polish Cabbage & Mushroom Noodles (Lazanki)

Polish Lazanki Recipe ~ Cabbage and NoodlesThis is a surprisingly flavorful Polish dish with simple ingredients called Lazanki.  Some say that Bona Sforza, the Polish Queen from Italy, helped introduce this cabbage and noodles recipe to Poland in the 1500s.  Most Polish recipes require meat in their Lazanki, but Lazanki can easily be served vegetarian, as it is often served on Christmas Eve for the Wigilia feast.

Polish Almond Soup Recipe (Zupa migdalowa)

Polish Almond Soup RecipeEnjoy this gluten-free Polish Almond Soup recipe that is made with nourishing, sweet almonds.  Zupa migdalowa (Almond Soup) is a traditional part of the Polish Christmas Eve dinner, called Wigilia, where it is served at either the beginning of the meal or after the fish entree.  (For Christmas eve, the soup is typically not served with an egg yolk.) 

Polish Stuffed Roast Turkey Recipe

Polish Roast Stuffed Turkey RecipeMost Polish turkey recipes are just butter, salt, and pepper.  But there are a few adventurous Polish chefs (like us) that like to mix it up.  Enjoy this Polish Roast Turkey recipe with herbed butter, sage, thyme, garlic, and honey.  Add a little cognac and you have a "Normandy Turkey," known as Indyk po Normandzku.

Polish Split Pea Soup Recipe

Polish Green Split pea Soup RecipeWho doesn't like split pea soup on a cold winter night?  Now you can try split pea soup Polish style!   We recommend the potato cheese pierogi with this Polish Split Pea soup recipe.  If you want to make this vegetarian, you can use herb bouillon instead of a ham bone.

Polish White Bean Soup Recipe

Polish White Bean Soup RecipeThe Poles eat many variations of bean soup, but we created this Polish White Bean Soup Recipe that is perfect for a cold winter night.  You can use any kind of beans, but cannellini and navy beans work best.  We added a cup of sauerkraut that really blends the flavors, which is also a very popular addition to bean soup recipes in Poland!


Pan-Fried Fish Recipe

Polish Pan Fried Fish Fillets RecipePolish pan-fried fish has a light, delicate flavor and crispy crust.  Most of the fish the Poles pan fry are perch, carp, and other lake fish, but you can easily substitute any white fish for this Polish recipe.  You can make the recipe healthier by using whole wheat bread crumbs, organic BST-free milk, and a healthy oil that can handle high heat such as avocado oil. 

Roast Lamb Recipe

Roast Lamb RecipeIf you like lamb, this Roast Lamb Polish Recipe calls for a selection of aromatic herbs, garlic, and spices to really enhance the flavor of the meat.   Serve with a side of pierogi, and you have a complete meal!

Best Pierogi Appetizer -- Bacon Wrapped Pierogi

Bacon wrapped perogiTo utterly spoil your guests with something that will just melt in their mouth, try this Bacon Wrapped Pierogi recipe!  It is super easy to prepare and can be made in advance so that you just pop it in the oven right before your guests arrive.  All Pierogi flavors work well with this one, but for a party, you may want to use the Potato Cheese Pierogi to satisfy all taste preferences.