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Polska Foods' Pierogi is Now Selling at the Castro Valley & Campbell Farmers' Market

Castro Valley Farmer's Market BoothPolska Foods is now selling Pierogi at the Castro Valley & Campbell Farmers' Market!  Come say hello, try some free samples of Pierogi, and take a picture for our Facebook page.  We sold our Potato Cheese and Cabbage & Mushroom varieties of Pierogi at the market and sold out within the first few hours.   The local community of Castro Valley was excited to have our fresh new pierogi, tasty and healthy too!  Read more...

What Is Pierogi?

Despite the popularity of Pierogi around the globe, there is still quite a few people who have never tried these tasty Polish dumplings.  If you are new to Pierogi, hopefully we can enlighten you to the history and joy of eating them!   They consist of a delicate dough stuffed with potato filling, sauerkraut, meat, cheese, and sometimes fruit.


Polish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Golabki) Recipe

Polish Stuffed Cabbage RecipeStuffed Cabbage Rolls--here's our personal favorite Polish recipe!  The key to this version of Stuffed Cabbage Rolls is that you combine both Pork and Beef meat, don't use just ground beef.  You can also substitute the meat for mushrooms to make vegetarian stuffed cabbage rolls, commonly served as part of the Polish Christmas Eve feast.  Also, you can adjust the cayenne to make it more spicy too.  And, the other key ingredient is the cooked buckwheat.  Even though you can substitute rice, the buckwheat adds a rich roasted flavor that truly adds to this dish -- and it is better for you too!  Serve with Potato Cheese Pierogi and Cauliflower Gratinee.

Pierogi Casserole Recipe with Bacon & Tomato

Pierogi Casserole

Latest Polish Pierogi Recipe!  This is a modified version of Cooking Light's Bacon Pierogi Bake.  This Pierogi Casserole Dish has less cream cheese and mushrooms added.  We also added more tomatoes and found if you slices them over the peirogi and add them to the oven, they cook nicely--kind of like tomatoes on pizza.  Some may opt for sprinkled chili pepper on top before baking too.  This is a quick dish you can serve to the entire family for everyone to enjoy.

Polska Food's Pierogi Now Available At Gene's Fine Foods

Polska Foods, Inc. announced today that its gourmet Polish Pierogi is now for sale at Gene's Fine Foods in Saratoga, CA.  WIthin weeks, the two available varieties -- Potato & Cheese Pierogi and Cabbage & Mushroom Pierogi -- will also be for sale in the Pleasanton, CA location.   You can find them in the freezer sections of these gourmet grocery stores.

Start The New Year With Comfort Food: Pierogi

We received incredible feedback about our Pierogi this holiday season and many of our new customers have pledged to make our pierogi as a main menu item at their next special event or holiday party.  We felt so grateful to be able to enhance our customers' holidays through good tasting Polish food this season!  


Welcome To The Polska Food's Polish Food Blog

Welcome to our Polish Food Blog! This blog is not so much about finding the perfect Polish dish, made exactly how your Polish grandma (Babcia) use to make, but about taking Poland's rich, flagrant cuisine and exploring the variety of ingredients and methods to make a perfect dish for any family to enjoy. Part of the challenge to authentic Polish food is that it varies depending on the region. Secondly, we found that every Polish family has a slight "twist" in their recipes that have been handed down, generation by generation, and only shared with family, friends, and loved ones.

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